Celtic background

Whether you are new business just starting out or an established company at some stage you may run into a temporary cash flow problem, perhaps you have over traded or customers have not paid you as quickly as you expected. You hit the wall and realise too late that your business is in debt and you can’t quite cover operating expenses, you need money as soon as possible. What are your options?

  • The obvious solution is tighten up on your credit control but that can take time and not all clients will play ball.
  • You could turn to family and friends and borrow off them, but then you risk damaging personal relationships if things do not turn out the way you planned.
  • You could apply for a bank loan, but if you don’t have good credit rating, you probably will not be eligible. Plus, the bank will take time and it can be very difficult to speak to experienced personnel who understand what you are going through resulting in preparation of accounts with lots of red tape ultimately ending up in a refusal.
  • You could always use your credit card but that carries a serious health warning about the cost of interest and should only be used as a last resort.

If your business needs money now, you may want to consider invoice discounting. Invoice discounting or Transactional Based Invoice Discounting is the releasing of debt tied up in an outstanding invoice. Giving a company immediate access to working capital alleviating day to day cash flow problems and allowing the company negotiate early payment discounts from suppliers and meet on-going commitments.

Whether you are a start-up or an existing company and need money to meet operating expenses or payroll obligations or you’re looking to grow your business, invoice discounting may be the obvious solution you’ve been looking for. If you have invoices with strong, credit-worthy customers, Celtic Invoice Discounting will consider your application.


Celtic ID are available to help Irish SME’s with their cash flow needs. Our Management Team will give you a quick decision unlike other financial providers. We will speak to you in plain English and give you all the facts you need to make a decision.

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