Transactional Based Invoice Discounting is a fast and effective way to release the equity otherwise tied up in your sales ledger. This immediate access to working capital alleviates the day to day cash-flow worries and allows you to strengthen your relationship with suppliers by being able to meet on-going commitments or even secure discounts for early payment.

Why Invoice Discounting?

  • Allows you to fund growth and meet your weekly wage bill
  • Enables you to purchase more competitively and negotiate better terms and discounts with suppliers
  • Allows you to broaden your product range
  • You can now give your customers credit, pay suppliers upfront AS WELL AS growing your business
  • You maintain control at all times


“The flexible funding aspect is what drew our business to Celtic; we only needed to use the discounting at Christmas but we needed it to turn around fast, Celtic can do this and you are only paying for the one invoice or order you discount”.

– Confectionary Manufacturer, Cork

“Having a facility whereby you can pick and choose the accounts you wish to fund is great; we have a few accounts that we preferred to keep to ourselves and this option was vital”

– Clothing Manufacturer, Donegal

“Celtic gave me the confidence to seek larger orders as I knew they would support me when it came to the funding; I was then free to draw down only what I needed and pay then, for only what I drew down”

– Engineering Company, Mayo

“The charge structure is transparent and I knew exactly how much it was going to cost me before I input my invoice online, also the visibility their online system provides is excellent”

– Recruitment company, Dublin